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In an era, where individual pinnacles are evident, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging the ones around is my passion. I take pride in born in a land known for its inimitable history and hospitality, Sri Lanka. At the same time, It’s with gratitude, that I mention my life in the UAE has been both safe and complete within the visions of universal equality.

Thoughts of a ten-year-old, Tolerance for Happiness, An Anthology of Expressions and Lies of Omission are my publications that reveal the unuttered.

In celebrating the 23rd edition of Sharjah International Narrator Forum 2023, my latest publication, Peacefully Powerful Ghaf was launched in September 2023.

A 16-year-old, living in the world's most cosmopolitan city, and studying with over 86 nationalities, how would I not say, an awe-inspiring experience?

Image Courtesy : SIBF