In an era, where possibilities are limitless, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging the ones next to us is my passion. I take pride in born in a land known for its inimitable history and hospitality, Sri Lanka. At the same time, It’s with gratitude, that I mention my life in the UAE has been both safe and complete within the visions of universal equality.

THOUGHTS OF A TEN-YEAR-OLD, TOLERANCE FOR HAPPINESS and AN ANTHOLOGY OF EXPRESSIONS, are my publications that reveal the unuttered and what's conveniently forgotten by many.

A 13-year-old, living in the world's most cosmopolitan city, and studying with over 86 nationalities, how would I not say, an awe-inspiring experience?

A small figure in the making to a ‘‘human worth knowing’’ yet, with a belief, that a smile and few minutes of our time could make a significant impact on another's life.

Image Courtesy : SIBF