About me

In an era where possibilities are limitless, emphasizing the
importance of acknowledging the ones next to us is my passion. I
take pride in born in a land known for its inimitable history and
hospitality, Sri Lanka. Having said that It’s with gratitude that I
mention that my life in UAE has been safe and complete within
visions of universal equality.

are my publications revealing to you of my dreams and challenges. International recognition for my accomplishments in Writing skills, and Math, I embrace as hard earned dividends.
My interactions with students of diverse cultures in UAE has also been an honour.
Being the Youngest Guest Author ever, to conduct a discussion forum in Sharjah International Book Fair, I cherish the most.

A small figure still in the making to a ‘‘human worth knowing’’ , I believe in words and actions that could make a significant
impact on another's life.

About meAbout me