Mr. Chris Gardner

Mr. Chris Gardner

The book '' The Pursuit of Happyness'' by Chris Gardner I am sure many of you have read. 

 A father who was determined to present a better life for his son Christopher.

Will Smith trying to shelter his son in a public lavatory of a train station I wonder how many of you were able to let go of.   Meeting the character protagonist was trying to give life to in the award winning movie, '' The pursuit of Happyness''  how could I not jot down of. 

Mr.Chris Gardner, I thought was scintillating.  The path led to my passion owing to discipline and courage he wanted to hear of holding me close. 

“Don’t ever let anybody tell you, you can’t do something. You got a dream, you protect it. You want something, you go get it.”  

A man of such spirit one could hardly come across.