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Sanith Santhasa

About me

In an era where possibilities are limitless, emphasizing the
importance of acknowledging the ones next to us is my passion. I
take pride in born in a land known for its inimitable history and
hospitality, Sri Lanka. Having said that It’s with gratitude that I
mention that my life in UAE has been safe and complete within
visions of universal equality.

are my publications revealing to you of my dreams and challenges. International recognition for my accomplishments in Writing skills, and Math, I embrace as hard earned dividends.
My interactions with students of diverse cultures in UAE has also been an honour.
Being the Youngest Guest Author ever, to conduct a discussion forum in Sharjah International Book Fair, I cherish the most.

A small figure still in the making to a ‘‘human worth knowing’’ , I believe in words and actions that could make a significant
impact on another's life.

About meAbout me

A Little about my path to passion





His Excellency Rustam Minnikhanov- The President of Tartastan

It was an honor meeting with the chief guest for The World Tolerance Summit 2019.

Dubai Police

A gesture of appreciation sharpens one's attitude.

My Way of feel

An Anthology of expressions

Sharjah International Narrator forum 2021

Sharjah International Narrator forum 2021Sharjah International Narrator forum 2021
A great effort in embracing folklore of diverse cultures of communities and nations.
It's none other than the Sharjah International Narrator Forum, an annual event organized by the Sharjah Institute for Cultural Heritage under the patronage of H H Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah. The 21st edition fell on the 21st year of the 21st century. 
Under the theme - animal stories, workshops, government posts, storytelling shows, and dialogue sessions were seen in abundance and brought together to one table within its scope, and within its surroundings.
Having been able to work with performers of stupendous experience and energy, I should say was definitely a force to reckon with. The non-informal learning, undeniably, stimulated my creative and innovative capacities, as a 13-year-old author, who was invited to be part of such exemplary efforts.
The cross-sectional cooperation and the environment presented me with enough exposure to illustrative examples, my engagement during the past three days, made me think that I am no longer a potential philosopher, writer or an entrepreneur.

” In a world where many think that we children WILL CREATE - WILL CONSTITUTE IN THE FUTURE, I was already aspiring! “

                                                                                                                                                                                         - Sanith Santhasa

Meeting with Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Mussalam, the Chairman of the Sharjah Institute for Heritage to present the first copy of my third publication ''An Anthology of Expressions" was yet another memorable moment at an event, where the symbolism of cultural values was reiterated.


Inculcating Tolerance




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